Ahold eCommerce Sales is Currently Seeking Full/Part-Time Home Delivery Drivers Positions

FULL-TIME & PART-TIME Home Delivery Drivers

Do you love to drive? Ahold eCommerce Sales Company is in search of

Full-time and Part-time Home Delivery Drivers to be based out of Jersey City, NJ.

We need drivers we can trust. Drivers who will deliver groceries and a friendly smile. People who like people and look forward to bringing groceries that extra step – to the kitchen. People who will take on all kinds of weather to get to customers’ doors. Those who weren’t made for the office cubicle, but enjoy the freedom of the drive and the satisfaction of a good workout. We’re looking for people who can deliver.

The position starts at $12.00/hour + tips!


  • Timely, efficient, and friendly delivery of grocery products to customer homes and businesses
  • Ability to safely navigate a delivery truck while making deliveries
  • Serve the customer in a polite, professional and upbeat manner while making deliveries
  • Capably deliver product while accurately recording route information and organizing paperwork (invoices, coupons, etc.)
  • Abilty to lift and carry containers up to 60 lbs. Walking, climbing stairs, entering buildings and elevators are required
  • Ability to navigate safely within New Jersey and New York City (including all five boroughs)
  • Must be able to maintain a planned delivery schedule with minimal exceptions without interruption to customers
  • Ensure that food safety/sanitation and workplace safety practices are adhered to throughout the scope of the job
  • Must maintain a high standard when it comes to performance, attendance, safety and teamwork
  • Ability to load and unload trucks as needed.
  • Circulate marketing materials, such as pamphlets, as needed
  • Attend monthly driver meetings, as need.
  • Must be flexible to report to cross dock locations when needed
  • Perform other duties as assigned

Essential Skills:

  • Must be at least 21 years old
  • High School or eqiuvalent required
  • Superior customer service and Strong verbal communication skills a must
  • Thorough understanding of all rules of the road required
  • Ability to navigate and utilize electronic GPS devices a must
  • Ability to pass DOT Screening and Post Offer Employment Screening
  • Valid Driver’s License with Safe Driving Record

To apply: www.aes4peapod.com

To email us: [email protected]