SHCC Announces the First USA-Peru International Trade and Investment Forum on 19 and 20 February in Lima, Peru

Direct networking, business matchmaking and Peruvian Market opportunities

Newark, N.J. The Statewide Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey (SHCC), which is the leading advocate for the 70,000 Hispanic owned businesses in the states of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, announced the First U.S.A. Peru International Trade and Investment (FIC 2010) which will be held on February 19 and 20 in the city of Lima, capital of the Republic of Peru.

FIC 2010 is the the first of bilateral trade event between these two countries, and is being organized by SHCC, Universidad Inca Garcilaso de la Vega (UIGV) and the Peruvian American National Roundtable (PANR). The modern auditorium of the School of Accounting and Corporate Finances of UIGV will be the venue of this important Forum.

The opening of this international conference will be conducted by U.S. Ambassador to Peru, Dr. Peter Michael McKinley and will be closed by Peruvian President Alan García Pérez.

The investment and business opportunities between both countries, programs that provide access to investment capital for small and medium entrepreneurs, the international trade in exports and imports supports, the benefits of the Free Trade Agreement (TLC), among others topics, will be discussed by business representatives from Chambers of Commerce of Peru and the United States. Representatives of international trade for small business academic institutions, government organizations and Peruvian business owners will also be making presentations.

“This event is the beginning of an international initiative which is designed to help bring awareness as well as to showcase selected products of Peru, international trade opportunities, and the information necessary to trade internationally with U.S. and Peruvian businesses,” said Dr. Daniel H. Jara, President and CEO of SHCC and PANR.

“As a trusted advocate for business, SHCC has taken advantage of the opportunity to foster and exchange ideas with our members and the community at large. We hope you will take advantage of this free conference and continue our mission of bringing people together and helping keep our economy strong by keeping up with business opportunities,” added Jara.

There will be free admission for SHCC & PANR associates. They have to call SHCC before Tuesday January 19, 2010 to reserve. SHCC will be arranging all hotel and transportation reservations for participants from the U.S. All participants will be given a certificate of fulfillment signed by the University and the Chamber.

Dr. Jara noted that Latino businesses in the U.S. have an advantage in doing business with Latin America because they know the language and possess the know-how of trading, which gives them an advantage over other businesses.”Many people believe that only large companies can do business with another country, but it’s about getting the niche markets. It is not impossible for a small company to do business abroad, but obviously there has to be someone who is interested in your products and services”, explained Jara.

Main Speakers

According to the agenda release by SHCC, the main guest speakers are:

~Dr. Alan García Pérez, President, Republic of Peru

~Dr. Peter Michael McKinley, U.S. Ambassador to Peru

~Dr. Luis Cervantes Liñan, President Universidad Inca Garcilaso de la Vega (UIGV)

~Dr. Daniel H. Jara, President & CEO, Statewide Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of NJ (SHCC) and Peruvian American National Roundtable (PANR)

~Mr. Peter Anders Moores, Chairman, Lima Chamber of Commerce

~Mr. Aldo Defilippi, Chief Executive Officer, American Chamber of Commerce in Peru (AMCHAM Peru)

Mr. Jorge León Ballé, Executive Director, PROINVERSION

Mr. César Huamanchumo, Advisor, UIGV Facultad de Comercio Exterior y Relaciones Internacionales

~Mr. Humberto Meneses, President, Banco de la Nación

~Mr. Manuel A. Rosales, Director, The Latino Coalition

~Dr. Donald Sebastian, Provost, New Jersey Institute of Technology

~Ms. Judith Sheft, Associate Vice President of Technology Development, New Jersey Institute of Technology

~Mr. José Luis Silva, Chairman, Asociación de Exportadores (ADEX)

~Mr. José Luis Cano, MINCETUR, Peruvian Government Procurement

~Mr. Braulio Quiroz, Economic Development Manager, City of Villa El Salvador.


– Services of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of the State of New Jersey in Support of PYMES”

– “Business Opportunities in the United States for PYMES”

– “Business Facilities for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) in the Framework of FTA.”

– “Role of Regional Governments in the Promotion of Private Investment and Trade with U.S.”

– “Support and Micro-Credit Finance to Strengthen MYPES”

– “Peru-US FTA as Promoters in Investment and Trade”

– “How to Participate in Government Procurement of the U.S.”

– “Export Strategy of the MYPES After the Crisis”.

For more information please call SHCC 201-451-9512 or visit