SHCC-NJ Signs Historic Memorandums of Understanding

On Thursday, September 20th, The Statewide Hispanic Chamber of Commerce signed a Historic Memorandum of Understanding with the Hispanic Bar Association of New Jersey at Branches in Long Branch, NJ.

Current President Dan Mateo and President Elect Lou Acevedo had sat down to brainstorm about the agreement several months ago with our Chairman, Carlos Medina. The document is basically a framework for the two organizations to work together and increase value to their respective members. Chairman Medina said during the ceremony, “In the Hispanic Community, attorneys are revered and counted on for advice and counsel. With Hispanic Business owners reaching 70,000 strong this year, there is a great amount of counsel needed to help these business owners grow and thrive”.

On Saturday, September 22, 2012, The Statewide Hispanic Chamber of NJ was part of the New Jersey Hispanic Leadership Summit, an annual event held at Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ. Our participation in events such as this provide better geographic coverage for our members in the southern portion of New Jersey, which is a trend we intend to continue.

At the event, another MOU was entered into between both organizations. The crowd literally gasped when Chairman Medina mentioned to them of the economic impact that Hispanic Business has on the State economy. In addition, our Chairman was also recognized with their “Excellence in Business” award at the Gala event featuring US Senator Bob Menendez.

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